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Things We Are Leaving Behind in 2020


Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021! The start of a new year is always a great time for reflection and hitting the restart button on our personal growth. Check out what we are leaving behind in 2020 in order to have a more prosperous 2021.

Max Aguilar, Senior

I am leaving behind procrastination. I hope by doing this, I will end the year on a high note and have a stress free graduation. 

Marisol Aldana, Editor-In-Chief

Something that I am leaving behind 2020 is definitely gossipers. People who love to negatively talk about others are cruel and toxic. Not tolerating that energy is what I look forward to this year. 

Oscar Casillas, Senior

I’m leaving behind allowing people to influence my decisions. Last year I wanted to start my own sneaker business. I had a really good start but was discouraged when someone told me that online businesses are bad and I shouldn't do it. This person didn’t have any business experience, but they were older than me so I assumed they were right so I backed out. Over time, I began to regret that decision...

Ayesha Flores, Senior

Something I want to leave behind in 2020 is hesitation. I hesitate to do things for multiple reasons but one major one is being afraid that I won’t succeed. Hesitation has caused me not to try new things. I want to learn to just go for it when it comes to anything I believe I can do. Being less hesitant would most likely allow me to do more fun activities and be more spontaneous. I don’t want to ...

Kevin Flores Camacho, Senior and Podcast Personality

Something that I am leaving behind in 2020 is not building strong relationships with people. I started off the year very good. I was involved in a lot of activities and was doing good in school but I let the quarantine affect more than it should have. It's good to have close friends that you can communicate with and that communicate with you especially at a time like now. Going from seeing people e...

Brianna Jalil, Senior

I am leaving behind self-doubt. I used to feel like I wasn't good enough, but I am leaving that all behind for the new year. Starting January 1st, I’m going to make myself better on the inside and out. I started exercising and focusing on my health. I’m also going to start replacing “I can’t,”  with “I can.” During this winter break, I was able to be stress-free which resulted in me not being ...

Andrew Lopez, Senior

 I would like to leave the lack of productivity in 2020. I want to be more productive, try out new things and have the energy in order to do those things.

Anadalay Martinez, OP/Ed Editor

I am leaving behind my habit of caring too much.  I don’t mean throwing in the towel or stop caring about life but just to remind myself to take things one day at time. I really want to focus on not dedicating so much of my energy on the small things. I suppose I'm trying to fully live the serenity prayer. 

Stephanie Martinez, Senior

Something I want to leave behind is the continuation of making the same mistakes over and over and over again. Mistakes are a part of life but I want to ensure that I am absorbing the lessons from my mistakes in order to better myself.

Flavio Lopez, Editor and Podcast Personality

I’m leaving behind the way I interact with people and choosing to focus on my leadership style for 2021. I’m leaving behind the toxic friendships in 2020 and focusing on new friends that pour love and support into me I’m leaving behind the fast food. I’m leaving behind spending too much time playing video games.  ...

Yazmin Martinez, Senior

I am leaving behind having so many excuses as to why I can't complete something. In order to completely leave this behind, I am making time management my 2021 goal. So instead if saying "I don't have time to work on this assignment," I will say "let me see how I can fit this into my schedule and how much time I can and need to allocate to it."

Jocelyn Ortega-Perez

Something I am leaving behind in 2020 is negativity. The reason I am leaving it behind is because I no longer want to give power to negative people and situations.

Jahanvi Rana, Senior

Things I am leaving behind in 2020 are Late Homework Submissions. Thinking that I will do it later but then the whole day goes by without it getting done. Time management will certainly help me keep this behind.  Caring what others think about me. I cannot live up to everyone’s expectations. Some people will like me and all the cool things about me while others won't. That's life and honestly what I t...

Jigar Rana, Senior

Something I am leaving behind in 2020 is lack of self discipline. This will help me to take control of all areas of my life.

Efren Saenz, Senior

I am not sure if I am necessarily leaving anything behind, but I am hoping to rectify many of my mistakes.

Leivis Baez Meneses, Editor

One thing I want to leave behind is my lack of scheduling/time management. I want to start planning out my day better so that I can have enough time to complete daily tasks without feeling overwhelmed. 

Valerie Contreras, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

I had a lot of goals in 2020 that I did not accomplish because I let everything in my environment affect me. That will not be the case in 2021. I am no longer going to allow my circumstances to get the best of me.

Alan Dominguez

I am leaving behind my lackluster attitude towards life. Thanks to my family, close friends, and the consumption of content that builds character, I am well on my way to building healthy and positive habits. I am on a journey to become motivated and motivational.

Abimael Fidanque

I am leaving behind unrealistic goals. Of course I can accomplish many things if I put my mind to it, but I want to make certain the goals I set for myself are obtainable in the time frame I plan for them to happen in.

Naydelin Guzman, Senior

I am leaving behind self-doubt. I have missed out on so many opportunities to experience growth all because I didn't believe in myself. It's not fair to me or my future to continue to let his unhealthy habit control my life. In 2021, I will show myself and everyone around me what I am truly capable of. I will start by speaking more in class and stepping out of my comfort zone more often.

Alan Hernandez, Senior

I want to leave behind my lack of confidence. I know I can achieve big things if I change my mindset and have the right attitude.

Yuleisy Mata, Senior

Unhealthy relationships Excess shopping Anxiety 

Kendrick Moran, Senior

I am leaving fear behind. Due to Covid-19, I lived in fear of interacting with people for months. I want to protect myself and my family but I also want to be human and interact with the world.

Edgar Ramirez

I am leaving behind procrastination and starting the new year by taking the steps necessary to eliminate this from my daily life. Although many individuals, including myself, procrastinate about eliminating procrastination, the very first step I am taking is managing my tasks/work so I do not feel overwhelmed or feel as though there is an abundance of work to do.

Yefry Tapia Heredia

I am leaving behind comparisons. Instead of trying to compete with my peers, I want to focus on competing with myself. I want to work each and everyday to be better than I was the day before.

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