On Behalf Of The Key Club, Thank You!

On Behalf Of The Key Club, Thank You!

Naydelin Guzman


With the temperatures decreasing, The Key Club wanted to ensure that the residents of Passaic would have what they needed in order to make it through this brutal winter. Since the start of the Holiday Season, the club has encouraged people to donate a pair of socks to the homeless community in Passaic in the hopes of spreading love, compassion and some much needed warmth .

The Holiday Sock Drive was hosted by The Key Club in collaboration with SNHS, and the Sophomore class. Attached to this write up is their heartfelt letter thanking the PASE Family, Mayor Lora and everyone who contributed to the successful collection and distribution. You may also find the direct link to view the event below as well

Thank You: Letter at Dignity House

Check out their fun time on Mayor Lora’s February 4th post on Facebook at 3:44PM