A Key Club Friendraiser – Bingo-Spring-O

A Key Club Friendraiser - Bingo-Spring-O

Seidy Castillo

        The Key Club’s Friendraiser, the Bingo Spring-O event on March 25th, was a mixture of anticipation, excitement, and fun. If you were present, you felt tingly sensations running through the Google Meet screens as the Bingo carriage rattled and rolled and then, one by one, the Bingo ball numbers were revealed. The numbers and letters swiftly appeared on the Chat enlivening the audience with a double-dose of fever-pitched frenzy building expectation and hope as players awaited the next spin, the next call of numbers, and the next chance to scratch off  a conquest square on the Bingo board.  Building tension, the first “one away” written in the Chat – indicating a player was less than a box away from winning – added fuel to the Bingo fire as the intensity grew.  Finally, BINGO! and the cheers gave way to a momentary reprieve from the tension moving to uproarious laughter as teachers, students, and staff unmuted to congratulate the winner. The winner’s cry of victory was like a light brightening an already sun-filled room.

      Major prizes were awarded to winners made possible solely through generous donations from teachers, staff, and administrators at P.A.S.E, and the entire production was conceptualized and promoted by Key Club members who were also members of the audience facilitating and participating in the fun. Four lucky winners won prizes to the background music of DJ Josh Kidding You and our Key-Club friend, Ms. deFressine, who kept the excitement going as she commanded the Bingo stage calling out numbers with style and flair.  Light jokes along with good-natured public tête-à-têtes were exchanged in the Chat heightening the merrymaking in the background while competitive fervor engulfed the masses in the foreground.  

      The purpose of the Friendraiser was to bring attention to the Key Club’s Initiatives by hosting a free, fun event for our peers.  We are very excited and proud of the work we perform in the community and look forward to expanding our team.  If you would like to learn more about the Key Club, join us on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays at 3:40, classroom code:inzqj52.  So far, the Key Club has launched and developed charity drives for the homeless, created and implemented Rolling Readers in partnership with School 15, and we are working with Mayor Lora on the Passaic Valley Water Sewerage Initiative.  

   Bingo-Spring-O was successful and fun entertainment and it helped kick off spring break and familiarize students with the service and leadership work we are creating, developing, and executing in our community. The Key Club hopes to create and develop more of these fun events in the future while we work in the community to strengthen and uplift our beautiful city of Passaic.- so keep your eyes sharp and your computers charged!

Thank you again to everyone who participated and helped make this event possible!