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Antigone? It’s Relevant!

Though I have written on the social and theatrical importance of Antigone in the past, I’d like to discuss theater as a broader subject in terms of its impact on students as role models and members of our community. 

At a school centered around science and engineering, the arts are not something that immediately come to mind. Theater in particular ought to be part of the school’s curriculum because it helps students to step out of their comfort zone, build self esteem, gain confidence, make friends, and find a sense of belonging. 

Theatre is a form of expression, a place where the audience experiences several emotions in the span of minutes as a result of the actors’ interpretation of the characters. Often, students find elements of themselves in these plays. Be it in the life experiences of the characters or the lessons learned, something about theater resonates deeply.

Now you might be thinking to yourself about how you can bring pieces of yourself and your community through theater. Passaic is rich with culture and a variety of people who have gone through different things. Taking those pieces of information and character from them and representing them in an adaption of a play gives a voice to the voiceless and a stage for the unknown. People who have experienced trauma or even some hilarious encounters can share those stories in an interesting way, learning expression and empathy. All the world’s a stage and it wouldn’t hurt to bring a spotlight to our own stage at the Science Academy. 


Divya Rana

Passaic Academy for Science and Engineering 

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