A Key Club Third Ward Park Clean-Up Collaboration.


On Saturday, April 10th, the Key Club of Passaic Academy for Science and Engineering had the great pleasure of collaborating with advocates from Hector Lora’s Youth Council at Third Ward Park. Key Club members who joined the beautification efforts were: Key Club advisor, Ms.Lowenstein; president, Jocelyn Hernandez; vice-president, Jessica Ahuatl; secretary, Lissette Pena Corniel, and other members: Bryan Ahuatl, Mirielle Tejada, and Alexa Salinas. We love our beautiful city of Passaic and are deeply committed to environmental efforts locally and globally. We also thank the mayor for his work in the community and pledge our continued support in assisting Mayor Hector Lora’s movement on climate change, collaborating in the cleanup of Passaic’s parks, and working passionately on other environmental matters across the globe. With limited time on Saturday, we persisted in getting as much waste in our trash bags and off of the park’s grounds as we possibly could – and, we did it!!!. We picked up litter like candy wrappers, plastic waste, paper, and cardboard. Intrinsically motivated and grateful that we were able to aid in the park cleanup, we were given gloves and trash bags and away we went -attending to big and small pieces of trash. We were also pleased to have met other concerned students from the Passaic School District who were also fully masked and ready to work for the betterment of Passaic. Adding to our essential, inherent call to serve, many residents enjoying the gorgeous day at the park even thanked us for picking up the trash. The Key Club strives to be able to serve our community by doing everything we can to participate in local initiatives and initiatives we create as a team in service of our beloved community and the world. The next park cleanup event sponsored by the mayor’s office is on April 24, from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM at the Dayton Avenue Park – we will meet at the Walgreens. See the attached flyer for more details:Community_Clean_SP (1)