Earth Day Event!


      The Key Club Earth Day event at School 15, made possible through collaboration with the wonderful faculty and administrators at School 15, brought lovely smiles and joyful laughter to kindergarteners in preschool classrooms.  The event, led by members of the Key Club, in which preschool students colored a plain paper plate blue and green to represent the beautiful land and much-needed water that makes up the earth, all while learning about the planet and its role in the health of our environment.  The celebration of Earth Day with preschoolers at School 15 marks our first artistic event – although we have been reading to students at School 15 for a few weeks. The child-friendly activity ended with the kids gluing or drawing a big heart in the middle of their plate to represent their love and appreciation for the planet!  

      The Key Club is thrilled to have given rise to the project Jocelyn Hernandez, the Key Club’s president and student visionary conceptualized. The Key Club members understand the importance of mentoring, lifelong learning, and personal giving, and are very grateful for all the help from faculty, staff, and the administration at School 15 who supported us and made this event possible – as they set an example for what could be in every community when teens are exposed to leadership opportunities.  

      The Key Club members are young leaders creating and establishing a variety of paths for the exchange of ideas and the development of relationships with leaders in our community. They thank all our team and all stakeholders for giving us a platform wherein we may influence students to adopt a growth mindset, model creativity, and share different ways to interact highlighting respect, love, and care for one another and the community.


If you want to see the event, here is the link to it!!