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Stephanie Martinez, Graduating Senior


Dear Incoming Freshmen, 

I know the idea of high school can be a daunting one that fills you with anxiety but trust me, that nervousness goes away just as quickly as it came. I was a very shy person when I first entered high school. I was terrified of just thinking of being a high school student but that fear dissipated as I started to meet new people and make incredible friends.

Being a high school student especially at PASE is a lot of work, but along with the hard work comes amazing memories that you make not only with friends but with teachers and the amazing bonds you are able to build with them. Many people think that high school is all fun and games and that it is a place in which you are free to do whatever you want. Spoiler Alert: WRONG! I’m having a moment of feeling “old” because what I am about to say to you is exactly what I was told when I was a freshman but I didn’t listen until it was too late: Along with the fun comes responsibilities and hard work. That is something that I had to learn the hard way. If I could, I would go back and restart but since I can’t, all I can do is spread the message and try to help.

The one thing I enjoyed in high school would have to be the friends I made. I met my three best friends my sophomore year which was my first year at PASE. Another thing that stands out to me about high school especially PASE is that it’s a place where you feel free. There is no judgement and you feel the push of every teacher.  The school community is the source behind the laughs and memories that were made throughout my high school experience. I really enjoyed the HOSA field trips. I was part of the club my sophomore and junior year. I personally regret not participating my senior year. I was able to enjoy HOSA to the fullest by participating in competitions such as the first aid cpr which was my favorite.

High school is a place in which I also met some of my favorite teachers such as Ms. Velarde, Mrs. Noguera and Ms. Felder (and not only because I am writing this letter for her class 🙂 ). These particular teachers were the most understanding and would help you whenever you needed the help. Something you really should know is that not every teacher is the same and that’s ok. Always lead with respect and follow their rules. It will take you a long way!

Something I can say is in order to be successful in high school, all it takes is determination, hustle and keeping your mind on the end goal. With the right mindset and determination the sky’s the limit and nothing is impossible.

Have an AMAZING four years!

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