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Yazmin Martinez, Graduating Senior


Dear Incoming Freshmen, 

As a current senior, I can say that everything that you do in your four years of high school is critical to who you are going to be. Your freshman year sets the tone. I encourage you to get good grades and join as many clubs as you reasonably can.  Be grateful for all your teachers and counselors because they are the ones who are going to help you through your next four years. Focus on what you want and work very hard because at the end of day it’s your life and your experience. Be careful with the decisions that you make because they can AND will back fire. Never tell yourself that you can’t because there is a high chance that you can and will.

Now, here is my rant about grades: your high school grades will matter when applying to colleges. Even if you’re someone who may not want to attend college (trust me you will change your mind), it is always good to prepare for the application process and grades are a big part of it. Stay away from failing and use your resources wisely. Your grades will help you to get scholarships, grants and other opportunities. Put your grades before anything and try to get all the credits that you need in order to graduate on time. Make sure that you communicate any struggles that you have in school and in your personal life with your counselors. Last but not least, be careful with the group of people that you hang out with. Make sure you and your friends are all in agreement to make these next four years productive and fun 🙂


Yazmin Martinez

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