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Jigar Rana, Graduating Senior


Dear Incoming Freshmen, 

The transition from middle school to high school is something that is not easy for the first week or so as you might be nervous about starting this new venture. But it will all be ok! Everyone goes through it and I was one of them when I was an incoming freshman. High school is the next phase of your life as it is the place where you will spend four years of your life before going to college and entering the “real world.” 

High school is way different from middle school. You will be challenged and pushed beyond your limits. High school prepares you for college so be prepared to put in the work and effort. In middle school, you would get a short worksheet every night that could be completed in ten minutes with little effort and thought, and maybe a few papers or projects occasionally (I assume lol). In high school, you will have Advanced Placement courses which are the equivalent of college level courses. The work in high school will be hard but it will not be difficult for you if you are doing the right thing by attending your classes on time and not skipping class or being absent. You can’t learn or complete your work for your classes unless you attend them. 

The classes in your freshman year may not feel as complicated in the beginning but as you move up the grade levels, it will become harder as you will be required to apply the knowledge from your earlier classes of freshman year for certain subjects like Math and English. Note: Ms. Felder will always allude to a novel that you should have read your freshman year.

When you don’t understand a certain topic from a lesson in your classes, you should ask questions to the teacher or attend the tutoring for that particular class before or after school. You should always take notes during your classes when the teachers are giving lectures so that when you are completing your homework, you can refer to them and complete it without struggling with it. Yes, you read that right: Lectures. 

Fortunately, high school is not just about academics. There are various clubs in high school like HOSA, SHPE, SGA, Newspaper, etc. that you can be involved in after school depending on your interest. There are also many sports like tennis, volleyball, basketball, baseball, track and field, etc. that you can participate in if you like playing and want to represent your school team in competitions. Some of these sports may require you to try out but that should not stop you from trying out a new sport that you have never played before as you never know if you will like it or not without giving it a try. High school is a wonderful place where you will experience things that you never thought of or did before in middle school. Enjoy your time here. 


Jigar Rana

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