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Allan Soriano, Incoming Senior


Dear Incoming Freshmen, 

You have just finished middle school and believed that it was hard, but may I remind you that in middle school it’s all fun and games until you realize that you are a soon-to-be high school student. If left unprepared, you may enter high school with a wave of emotions that are rather unpleasant. In order to avoid such an outcome, I will share some tips to help you prepare for your next four years of high school. 

In order to become successful in high school you must maintain a high level of focus in order to understand the material and to complete your tasks. Some advice: when given the opportunity to improve your your grade, take it without a hint of hesitation as that will help improve your academic performance. I would also like add that joining a club or a sports team can be such a rewarding experience. It also looks good on your college resume. My favorite part of high school would be the activities that we got to do throughout the year For example, one of the activities that I remember was to be outside the whole day and there would be stations with different activities to choose from.

High school prepares you for college which in turn prepares you for life. No one is going to hold your hand. As for the teachers in high school, they may come across as strict and harsh but they are doing all they can in order to prepare you and help you become successful but you MUST PUT IN EFFORT. The homework given in high school should all be doable as the teachers give homework out based on the abilities of the students and the information covered in class. Always hand in homework on time to earn full credit, ask questions whenever you are confused about something as that helps the teacher to help you.

This high school gives many opportunities to its students as there are many different courses and pathways. Passaic Science Academy of Science and Engineering (PASE) gives students pathways based on their interests and preferences, whether it be in biotechnology, bio-med, data analytics, engineering, etc. Students have said that they like the opportunities that they get as they get to have a choice on the matter. One of the most important lessons that I have learned during my time in high school is that opportunities are limited and we should take them in order to become much more successful in life. One of the mistakes that I made in high school was that I did not take high school seriously and paid a dear price for it. In order to avoid such a mistake, you guys will have to take all of the classes seriously no matter what. Whether or not that class may be boring or it may not interest you, you must take it seriously in order to pass and have an amazing summer by not going to summer school 🙂 


a Junior of PASE

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