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Tania Soriano, Incoming Senior


Dear Incoming Freshmen, 

I want to let you know that a high school is a place where you can create so many memories that will last a lifetime. Although high school is a place where you will learn so much and create so many relationships, it can become tough if you are not prepared for it. I suggest you use your time as a high schooler to learn and improve as a person because in high school, you will be considered a young adult and you’ll have to take ownership over your actions. Stay organized and join many clubs so that you can discover yourself and what you may want to pursue in the future. Joining a large number of clubs will allow you to recognize your true self and find out what interest you and what doesn’t.

After you become a high school student, you will have to realize that there will be so many life changes and that the difference between middle school and high school is big. In middle school, you may have fooled around and not completed all your assignments; however, if you do that in high school the number of assignments will keep increasing and will later become harder for you to complete. In other words, you have to be efficient and get your work done on time. It is easier for you to lower your GPA than it is to bring it up. Teachers will also not be the same: They are not here to hold to your hand and will expect you to work hard and get everything done on time. 

The workload will also change especially the amount of homework you’ll receive. This may vary depending on the teacher however most teachers will leave homework assignments. Although high school may seem overwhelming and troublesome, there are some tips that will make you successful: Use all of the resources given this includes tutoring, ask questions do not be shy because at the end of the day it is you who needs it the most and most times there are others who also have the same question. You will also need to learn some time management skills so that you don’t start your assignments at the last minute and get low grades on them.

You will need to learn how to manage stress. There are so many ways to cope with stress such as meditation, exercise, coloring, drawing, writing but whatever you choose will all depend on you because you are different. Use this time wisely to find a way you can cope with this new phase of your life as it will make you successful in high school and provide you with a healthy mental state. One final thing: enjoy every moment so that you can have everlasting memories.


                                                                                           Sincerely Tania Soriano

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