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David Lopez, Incoming Senior


Dear Incoming Freshmen, 

In order to be successful throughout high school, you must work hard. The thing that has helped me the most is doing all of the homework and classwork. Doing these things will allow you to earn more points towards your grade and it will also work as extra practice to be better prepared for exams. Grades will drop sometimes and when this happens stay calm! You know what you are capable of doing. The grade will go back up to what you want it to be. I was not a good test taker and this made me realize that doing small assignments like the homework will help so much. Sometimes hat one homework assignment is the difference between a C+ and a B-.

       No matter what anyone tells you, there’s not a drastic difference between high school and middle school. The workload may be more strenuous and the concept of free time may possibly fade from your memory , but the same expectations you had in middle school will follow you throughout high school. Also, the teachers are the same as in every other grade; they want to help and teach you as much as they can. Every teacher has something special about them. They may have different styles of teaching, but they are all trying their best. 

     This school requires a lot of work especially if you take advantage of all of the opportunities the school gives. Know your capabilities! Yes, it is good to take advantage of these opportunities but if you are not able to handle the pressure and do all of the work, then take a step back and reevaluate some things. Saying no to some opportunities is okay. I am in the Early College Program and it requires a lot of work that not everyone will be able to do. This is why you must know yourself and respect your own working limits. Hard work is required everywhere. The hardest class you will take will probably be the one that teaches you the most. Lessons on how vital effort is will be given. If good grades are what you want, hard work will be required.



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