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Abimael Fidanque, Graduating Senior

Abimael Fidanque, Graduating Senior

Dear Incoming Freshmen,  

You are now going to embark on a journey that is going to be very different and full of unexpected twists and turns. These will be the last four years of your life until you enter the real world. Your high school journey may be different from others, but some challenges will be similar to others such as not understanding that complex Trigonometry test or having a disagreement with a friend. In high school, you will start to realize that not everyone is perfect. I went into high school thinking that my challenges were bigger than others and that no one understood. Throughout the years, I’ve met people whose challenges were much bigger than mine and helped to put my challenges into perspective. As much as you may think high school is like what they show in movies, it’s not. A lot of people have this misconception that high school is either supposed to be the best or worst experience of your life, but honestly, it’s simply an experience that will challenge you and help you to grow. For me, every moment wasn’t amazing, but there are many moments that I will cherish forever.

Teachers are going to grill you with work but their intentions are good; they want to be able to help their students succeed and see them grow both as scholars and people. You may think some teachers hate you but that’s their way of showing how much they care about you. You are not going to understand everything that they teach you, but their job is to help you learn so do not be afraid to ask for help. You may get into drama with your friends that will seem like the end of the world, but really a day later you guys will make up. You may not find your crowd as quickly as others and that’s OK. I didn’t have to go through that as much because I’m still close to the friends I made from middle school. Still, I had some classes without them so it took me a while to get a good group of friends.

You are no longer the big kids in middle school. You are now the “little babies” in High School. On your first day you will feel a mix of emotions. As you take you first steps as a high school student, you will feel all of four of the following emotions: scared, curious, intimidated and excited. You will be scared because you went from a small school to a big school, and you won’t know your way around. You will be curious because of all the new faces. Some will look familiar, and some may not. Intimidation will be a key part on your first day of high school. The seniors will look so big and scary. Trust me, they really aren’t. They went through the same thing your going through right now and know what it’s like to be a freshman. Most of all, you will be excited. This new chapter in your life is like no other. So, take it in. Take a deep breath, and enjoy it. It will fly by. That weird girl you saw on your first day could turn out to be your best friend by graduation. Don’t let shyness or being “too cool” get in your way of joining a club or team. Don’t use the common phrase, “maybe next year.” Before you know it, freshmen year will be over and it will be too late.

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