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Kevin Flores Camacho, Graduating Senior

Kevin Flores Camacho, Graduating Senior


Dear Incoming Freshmen, 

Welcome to a new chapter of your life. High school is a new opportunity for you to find yourself and truly immerse yourself in what you enjoy. You will probably lose a lot of your friends from middle school but that’s okay. You will make new friends that enjoy the same things you like. Get involved. There are so many clubs and activities to choose from. Find people that will make a positive influence on you. Having a good set of friends will help you become more responsible and make you stay on top of your work. Something you might brush off your freshman year is doing good in your classes. Don’t do it! Your GPA matters and starts to matter day one of high school. If you find yourself struggling, ask for help whether it’s from your friends, classmates or teachers. A lot of teachers are always willing to help. A majority of the teachers come in early or stay late to help students. Don’t be scared to ask to retake a test, teachers are usually very flexible when it comes to retakes. 

Although you will e a freshman, it is never too early to start thinking about college. At PASE there is SO much help with college. As a freshman at PASE, you can start visiting colleges in the local area. There are many clubs that have college visits as field trips and often on meeting days, they have guest speakers from colleges. Go to as many college meetings as you can. It will help you later on when it’s time to make a decision on which school to attend. 

Get involved. There are so many things to get involved with. I was in the marching band, Engineering club, math honor society, robotics club and even part of a school musical. Try things out. You might enjoy something that you never thought you would e. A lot of these clubs and activities teach you a lot of lessons and are great to get leadership experience. Try being a leader for a club or organization. It can teach you a lot about yourself and make you grow. 

Make sure to have fun. High school isn’t all about tests and projects and homework. There is a lot of room to just relax and have fun. Looking back at the year we just had, a lot of people who are going to make sure to take advantage of life. Make friends, work hard, get involved, and have fun.


Good luck,

Kevin Flores Camacho

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