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Vidhi Rana, Incoming Senior

Vidhi Rana, Incoming Senior


Dear Incoming Freshmen, 

     Round of applause to you! You made it to high school…the last four years of your K-12 school life. These four years will provide you with a lot of memories and unexpected twists. This journey will be fun and enjoyable, but it also comes with a lot of challenges such as AP classes, DE classes, and many other non-school related events. You may have moments in which you feel as though you are not good enough and nothing is perfect, but as long as you stay positive and calm everything will go well. High school will give you the best experience of your life, such as class debates, school dances, prom, and making new friends.  

      Some of the advice I can give you to be successful in high school is to create a strong, understanding, and respectful bond with the teachers. Whenever you need help they will not hesitate to help you. For example, when recommending something like higher-level classes they can be a huge help or recommendation letters. Another suggestion I can offer to you is not to stress too much about assignments. If there is an issue with you not completing a task, talk with the teacher, they will understand and will work with you. Also, get rest. Sleep is just as important as turning in your assignments on time.  Moreover, for you to be successful in high school try to do all the assignments that are given even if you do not understand it. Go for tutoring and ask questions. In my high school experience so far, I have completed all the assignments which have helped me get the desired grade I want in my classes even if I scored poorly on exams. Having missing or incomplete assignments will add up and affect your grades in the long run. 

      Take advantage of your free time. I can give you a tip that I follow: do the homework whenever you have time in between classes such as lunch, study hall or the 10 mins or so some teacher give to you to specifically work on homework. Try to finish and turn in assignments before due dates so there are not any problems at the end and you do not have to rush to do any of the assignments. 

      You might think high school would be the same as a middle school but no. In high school students are completely independent. But with independence comes great responsibility. It’s the student’s responsibility to complete assignments if they want to pass the course. Teachers are not going to chase you down about assignments. 

      Lastly, I would just like to say enjoy your high school life and days as much as you can because some memories will never be forgotten and some experiences will become close to your heart. If you need any help or advice during your high school career, do not hesitate to ask me. I am so hopeful for you. You will have the best time in high school!


Vidhi Rana

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