Get To Know the New Big Three


Sutanna Felder, advisor

Introducing our new BIG THREE!

Santiago Avellaneda, Editor-in-Chief

Diana Alvarado, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Yamilka Moreno, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Why did you want to join The Science Star?

S.A: I am joining the Science Star because I want to show the Passaic community at large all of the opportunities and events the school has in store. The newspaper is a good vehicle to engage the community and for the community to immediately see what we have going on. I also want to lead a group of writers and create an atmosphere in which they they can feel comfortable to write about what they deem worthy of sharing. Sharing content that tugs at the heart is how Passaic and its many community members will become stronger.

D.A: I am joining The Science Star because it is a new opportunity for me to learn something new and get out of my comfort zone. 

Y.M: I joined the Science Star because I’ve always heard about school newspapers and have wanted to be a part of one. I also wanted to join because I want to be involved in more activities in school since it was difficult to do so during remote learning.

Why (Assistant) Editor-in-Chief?

S.A: I wanted to be editor-in-chief because I love Passaic. It has amazing stores, awesome restaurants and bakeries, and exhilarating sports events . I want to lead a group of writers who can write with passion about what our city has to offer; to show others that Passaic has amazing opportunities in education, careers, and culture. I will also add that I wanted to be part of a group that could unlock my true leadership potential. Although I am technically the leader, I am sure my team will help guide my leadership.

D.A: I was interested in this position because I felt as though I could be a good leader and a good support for the editor-in-chief.  

Y.M: I chose assistant editor in chief because I have some familiarity with having leadership within groups, and I am not really shy when it comes to talking to groups of people since I’ve done it all the time in school and have always been vocal about my ideas.

Do you see this new position being beneficial for you in the long run?

S.A: With this new role, I will be able to build my confidence, develop leadership skills and improve my public speaking techniques. With that being said, yes this position will be very beneficial for me in the long run no matter the field I choose to enter.

D.A: I do think that being part of The Science Star and being assistant editor-in-chief will be beneficial for me in regards to the work environment that will provide me. I will literally meet each week with a team, my team, my staff, to discuss our shared goals for this platform. 

Y.M: Yes, I do see this position being beneficial to me in the long run, since I want to be either an obstetrician or an educator. Both of those careers require leadership and writing skills. When it comes to writing, I have always enjoyed it so I am excited to tackle a new form of it and apply to my needs.

Whilst in your new role, what are you hoping to achieve?

S.A: I want to focus on important events/stories that can both change and highlight our city and school. I want to create stories that are important and that can bring attention to our peers and all that they do.

D.A: What I am hoping for in my new position is to grow more as a leader and have better communication skills with my peers.

Y.M: I’m hoping that I can emphasize covering school news or events related to our school that I feel are really important. When I wasn’t involved in the school newspaper I had internal suggestions that I felt should have been included, and now with this position, I am enabled to do that even more.

What sort of content would you like to see more of in the paper?

S.A: I want to see content that our student body cares about. Whatever we produce, I want to make sure it is meaningful.

D.A: I would like to see more content in the entertainment section. It would be cool to feature topics such as anime and manga since there are many students who I believe are interested in these topics and I have been getting interested in this topic as well. Also I think I would like to see more about Marvel because I am a fan of Marvel.

Y.M: I would like to see more writing pieces related to social issues, because I feel like there are a lot related to our school that many may not realize, such as how climate change affects the community our school is located in since we are more low income.

If you could only write about one topic for the rest of your career as a journalist, what would it be?

S.A: One topic I want to talk about for the rest of my career as a journalist is friendship. I want to share stories of friendship and unity. It is an important for our students, teachers and community members to read about.

D.A: I think the only topic I would want to write about for the rest of my life would be about Marvel. Marvel is one of my favorite things ever and since the company is always producing new content, I would have the chance to comment on new their new releases.

Y.M: About issues/current events/achievements in the Black diaspora.