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Learning the Importance of Mindfulness and Mediations

October 7, 2021



All students in school ought to have the opportunity to learn coping skills and methods to increase happiness such as meditation, mindfulness, gratitude journals and any other tool to increase self monitoring and health.  To begin with, high school students and other elementary school students often get stressed, aggravated or a little bit confused over the amount of projects and assignments they are assigned each day. Sometimes it can even affect our mental health. Thus, it’s very important that students understand mindfulness and mediation because mindfulness practice can help out the students throughout their years. Students will often get stressed on the amount of homework they’re getting, if there in any extracurricular activities it can cause them to be stressed, which is very alarming that the administrator should be concerned about their mental health, teachers and administrators should teach their students about stress and should try doing some mindfulness exercise and mediation for them to help with their mental health but also to increase and expand their ability to focus and be joyful.

Being mindful means to be aware without worry and stress. At a young age kids can undergo situations and problems of constantly having to think of multiple issues that have occurred in the past even putting themselves into future situations. When it comes to a learning environment like a school students and teachers undergo through many related issues when it comes to constantly having to deal with their emotions of overworking . Learning more about mindfulness and meditation in school can help promote happiness and release stress to the students and teachers. Giving students and even teachers time to learn about mindfulness and happiness will help in the long run such as excelling in school or even build a greater relationship with others. In “How to Introduce Meditation to the high school classroom” by Suzzane Caines it states” At the very least, it is a positive way to get students ready to start class. At best, it is a game-changing practice that has the power to assuage student anxiety, improve focus and awareness, and cultivate emotional regulation and empathy.” meaning this can change many people if given a chance in a learning environment. When students distress they can have this influence towards people into also being optimistic. When helping themselves they can help others with related problems. Being mindful helps facilitate space for the student into being in the moment instead of worrying about the past. Also help with having self control that will build into having a positive mindset when being in places like school and home. Students undergo many projects and chores that don’t make time for themselves which can create problems like anxiety , depression and more. Adults also have this influence towards the younger generation by trying to push them harder such as teachers. The generation of younger students seek greater challenges which are unaware of problems that are going to affect their studies and mindset. By meditation and just having time to learn to keep the emotions in check and view their thoughts in a positive attitude.

Mindfulness is important for people because it increases focus, attention, self control,  and compassion. Meditation can give people a sense of calm and peace that can benefit both your emotional well being and your overall health. Learning about meditation and mindfulness can change the way people feel, especially to students. Doing any exercise such as  deep breathing, yoga meditation and relaxation exercises can help you empty out the mind and think of positive things. These exercises can be a huge help to students or anybody that is going through a lot at

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