Congratulations to the Homecoming King & Queen Jacqueline Rodriguez (From PASE) & Gabriel Rivera (From PREP)!


Christel Lopez, Writer


On the night of Friday, October 15th, at the Boverini Stadium, after a grand performance by the Passaic Marching Band, the Homecoming Court elegantly walked onto the football field. Swiftly under the moonlight of the night, Homecoming Queen and King Jacqueline Rodriguez and Gabriel Rivera, walked onto the athletic field. The limelight glistened directly at them pointing at Gabriel and Jaqueline. He is in a lovely black suit with a red bow tie and a red rose boutonnière. She subsequently walked up in a red sparkly dress with the alluring warm luxurious undertones to her silky curly hair. 

All the Court Nominees were announced one by one. The runner-ups were announced starting with the Queen Nominees. Ms. Rodriguez stepped forth. Contiguously, the King Nominees were announced as well. Mr. Rivera stepped forward. The whole crowd stood up to hear the final results and at a momentary drum roll, Gabriel Rivera & Jaqueline Rodriquez were announced, Homecoming King & Queen. They were both sashed with their titles, and a crown was placed on both their heads. They shook hands ecstatically with joyous looks on their faces. 


It was finally time to interview the stars of the night: 

1)  “How do you feel about winning homecoming?


(GR): I feel great, thank god this happened to me and Jackie. We were telling everyone to vote for us. 


(JR): I was so nervous but I feel great. We put a lot of hard work into this and it paid off.


2)  “How might this triumph tonight open up new/current opportunities for you?


(GR): I was looking at this from a fun perspective, this was mostly for fun. Whoever won then they won, but I’m just happy to have been able to win.


(JR): It’s gonna open me to become more outgoing.


3)  “As a homecoming King/Queen what is it that you want to achieve for your community?


(GR): I had hoped to win Homecoming King for my community because I was always the underdog & I want the younger generation to understand, no matter how much people sleep on you, if you put your mind to your goal and ignore negative people, you will achieve your goals.


(JR): I wanted to win Homecoming Queen for my community because people always doubted me & I wanted the younger generation to understand that your limits aren’t measured by people’s words but by your actions.


4)  “What are your future hopes and dreams?


(GR): Well, my future dream is to get drafted into the NBA & give back to my community, Passaic, because I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for my coaches, teammates, & teachers.


(JR): I want to be an ultrasound technician and go to a 2-year college than a 4-year college. 


5)  Why did you want to run for homecoming King/Queen?


(GR): I wanted to run for Homecoming King because I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity & I knew I was capable of accomplishing this reward, win or lose. I just wanted to enjoy being in the moment.



(JR): I wanted to run for homecoming queen because I wanted to leave a mark in Passaic especially since I feel like I’m a big part of this community.


6)  How did you feel about the campaigning process?


(GR): Great because Jacqueline & I teamed up together, put posters up & made 160 candy bags to give out to PHS, PASE, & PREP.


(JR): The campaigning process was fun because I teamed up with a close friend and we both split up the work of putting up posters, making goodie bags, and passing them out.