Blood Drawing @ PASE

Students enrolled in the medical program at PASE practice drawing blood


Moises Salazar , Writer

On October 27, Passaic Academy of Science and Engineering students Alexis Pavon and Erika Reyes practiced drawing blood from each other for their first time thanks to the Medical Program at Passaic High School. 

After roughly a month of studying and note taking, the student practitioners finally got the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by drawing each other’s blood and checking vitals.

Since it was their first time practicing routine medical procedures, many of the students felt nervous. 

“I felt nervous since it was my first time,” senior Erika Reyes said when asked about her experience.

After the successful blood drawing on both ends, students felt well about their performance under pressure. 

“It makes me feel more confident in what I’m doing,” Alexis said comfortably. 

The program Fit 4 Basic, in association with AMCA and WIlliam Paterson University, meets with the students every Monday through Friday in the evening from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

 Students like Alexis and Erika have the amazing opportunity of getting a head start in the medical field by just attending this program. Once they complete the program in February, they could potentially become certified medical assistants with certification in EKG and phlebotomy. 

Traditionally, a program like this would cost around $4,000; however, our students are able to gain these career ready skills for free.