Supporting Students Through William Paterson Programs


Safiya Bunglawala , Writer

After doing programs virtually, students are now able to attend William Paterson Programs in person.

Nov 6, 2021, was the first day for students enrolled in the Emergency Medical Responder program. Both middle and high school students were able to attend. 


What is the program about? 

During their first session, students learned how to communicate with the patients effectively and in a friendly manner. Francisco, a Junior at PASE, expects to learn about how to provide emergency treatment and can “hopefully use it for the people in need” in his own words. 


Why is it important? 

Ms. Kush, a chemistry teacher at the Science Academy, is working with the Vice Principal, Dr. Moreno to ensure that students are getting the opportunities for things to do outside of school that are related to their pathways. She talked about the future benefits that these programs have as she added, 

“At the middle school level, it’s a lot about exploration, and hopefully having students find what they are passionate about.” 


From a student’s perspective, it is important because they get to learn new things while still being in school. Francisco stated in his interview that he wants to work as a medic for the Navy, so this program coincides with what he wants to do. Students can use it in their daily lives if not use it for their careers. As Francisco stated, 

“There are a bunch of power tools and sometimes it’s scary where I work so having some medical training can help.” 


Francisco is still in school and having the opportunity to learn about new things outside of school can help him in his daily life. 


Providing such opportunities allows students to explore and learn more about their interests that they can use in and outside of school, whether it be for middle school or high school. 


How can students join? 

When there is a new program, it is available on the morning announcements with the link for the application forms. 


These programs require students to be attentive and available for all of the sessions. As Ms. Kush advised, 

“They have to make sure that they are free for all the possible Saturdays, especially with a class like EMR and the future class of Phlebotomy, every single hour is important.¨ 


Passaic Academy for Science and Engineering continues to provide multiple opportunities for students, not only in Biomedical pathways but other pathways as well. For example, there are future sessions for Data Literacy and Python programming for students interested in coding. 


 If you are interested in joining future programs, whether they coordinate with your pathway or not, be sure to be on the lookout for the ones presented in the morning announcements!