Smash Tournaments Make a Return to PASE


Jesus Capellan

PASE Esports and the AdAstra club are finally bringing Super Smash Bros tournaments back to PASE. With the combined efforts of both organizations, the first-ever Nova Cup will be held this February for students of all high schools and grade levels. They hope to both raise funds for their programs and bring the community together through fierce competition.

The original Nova Cup tournament was scheduled for Spring 2020; however, these plans were canceled with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With schools transitioning to online learning, hosting a fair and competitive tournament presented a challenge.

“Smash is a pretty precise game,” said senior Yamir Perez. “Even a one-second delay can make the difference between a win and a loss. The netcode for Smash online just isn’t up to snuff.”

Luckily for Smash fans, the return to in-person learning this year means that events like the Nova Cup can finally be held. The tournament will take place on Feb. 5 according to AdAstra advisor Richard Chomko. The format and structure will resemble professional tournaments held for Smash Bros.

“The tournament is split into two phases,” said Chomko. “Players will first go through a mini bracket in small groups. The top players from each group will then face off in a double elimination bracket for first place.”

Working with Chomko is the treasurer for PASE Esports, Steven Tiro Nava. Tiro hopes not only to provide a fun experience for students, but also establish a tradition of monthly tournaments that Passaic students can enjoy. 

“We plan to host tournaments each month so that kids can relax and have fun here at school,” said Tiro. “Each month will have a different theme. This month’s theme will be space because we’re working with AdAstra.”


The Nova Cup will take place on Feb. 12 in room A106. Registration is open to all students in all three high schools; but only 32 spots are available. Students can sign up at Competitors and spectators should arrive by 10 a.m. and pay in cash.