Tik Tok…Time up?


David Suarez , Reporter

According to news9live.com, Tik Tok was the most downloaded app worldwide by the end of 2021. It reached 94 million downloads in the US alone.

Tik Tok is famous for creating dance videos and its ability to add filters and edits at the user’s desired level; however, harmful trends have made waves on the popular app. 

“There was this trend called the Blackout challenge where the person holds their breath until they are unconscious. Some children tried this trend and died afterward, with the lack of oxygen leading to seizures, or even brain damage. Tik Tok does not address these issues so their reputation could not be ruined and that is very concerning itself” PASE student Bhoomi Patel said.

But this is not the first time the app found itself in the midst of a scandal.

At the height of Tik Tok’s growing popularity, former President Donald Trump warned of the app’s national security risk due to its ties to China. 

According to omnicoreagency.com, a third of TikTok users range from ages of 10-19.  This particular age group is more likely to experiment with social media trends even if its dangerous to do so.  

“Tik Tok leads teenagers to take on trends that could be dangerous, and commit actions that should supposedly “fix” their bodies to look like celebrities. It can also encourage teenagers to gain stress by trying to gain fame, sometimes in irresponsible ways. There are also many creeps out there, but Tik Tok can not ban them all because there is so much that an app could do” PASE student Yami Suarez said.

In addition to the hazardous trends, cyberbullying is possibly one of the biggest problems among teenagers. Social media networking sites are nesting grounds for bullying because it is very easy to insult anyone through text messages, the comment section, and in videos that respond to other videos. 

“Social media in general sets standards on how teenagers should act, look, and be. The app is supposed to promote a good and encouraging atmosphere that is healthy for it’s users but that is not the case. Tik Tok has turned from a fun and interesting way to waste time, to an app that aids in lowering the esteem of people” PASE student Alejandra Hernandez said.