Tennis Season is Here!

Tennis Season is Here!

Kush and Krish Rana, Contributors

After a rocky 2021 season, the Passaic High School Boys Tennis is back!

Last Wednesday, the team held an interest meeting at PHS. They had a massive turnout with more new athletes interested in joining.

“I have very high expectations this year compared to previous years and believe that this year, we will have a good record,” said Head Coach Vogas.

Academia & Word From Our Tennis Athletes

The Passaic Tennis Team won the academics award last year, which means that we had the highest GPA average out of all Passaic high school sports. One of our former student-athletes from the Class of 2021, Hemin Rana,  received a full-ride scholarship to Penn State due to his high GPA. Current senior, Parth Rana, got an early acceptance to Princeton. Both students are from PASE.

“Tennis is my meditation. When I am on the court, I forget everything else. The only thought on my mind is to score the point. If I win the game, it’s great; but if I lose, it’s even better.” says Parth.

Junior, Kishan Patel echoed those sentiments.

“We are hoping to be very competitive this year but also have fun.”

For me, Krish, last season was not that great because of covid. I was unable to attend the meets. This will be my first year playing for the school team. I can’t wait for the season to start! Even now I feel like playing tennis but the weather is stopping me from doing so.

What’s the significance of joining a sport?

Students should be involved in extracurricular activities outside of school. This is beneficial for several reasons ranging from coping with stress to advanced academic opportunities.

Naturally, many students are preoccupied with school work and afterschool programs, so joining a sport would be overwhelming; however, it is important to note that with proper time management, the benefits can far outweigh its disadvantages.

For starters, it can be an escape from school and personal life drama. It allows students to interact with other students and expand their network.

Additionally, student-athletes stand out more as they are involved in the community which exposes them to various opportunities. Above all, it builds essential skills like teamwork, communication, and confidence.

So will you be joining the tennis team this season?