What Does it Feel Like to Have a Valentine?


Isaiah Aguilar, Reporter

February is the month most associated with love because of Valentine’s day. During the month, even before the official “holiday,” send their love to others and become someone’s valentines. Everyone except for me of course. Because I never had a valentine, I ventured out to ask others: What does having an actual valentine feel like? I suppose I am living vicariously through others. 

 For the record, I do not hate Valentine’s Day. It’s just that I have never really gotten to experience it for what it was supposed to be since I have never once in my life have ever received a valentine except for the ones in middle school where everyone made a heart in the class and gave one to another person. 

So in efforts to find out what having one feels like I have asked a few people the question that has plagued my mind for nearly a decade. I have made observations of people during this day and have a general idea of what  it is like, but I did the investigative work to get a more in-depth look into…love

From my personal experience with love, or rather the lack of love from other people than my family, I have heard that some experiences with Valentine’s Day, or love, in general, have not been so favorable. 

A close friend of mine, Julio Castro, has had a valentine for two years in a row and he seems very happy ever since he met her, but that wasn’t always his experience.

¨I personally have bitter memories of Valentine’s Day but Ash changed that. So now it’s a day where we have fun and spend time together. It’s fun and loving just like any other day” Julio said. 

It was quite surprising to know that he had some bad experiences on the day most associated with love; that at a time, it was a bitter and horrid holiday for him until he eventually found the one. In a way, I kind of get what it is like to have a valentine thanks to him, but please, comment below with your thoughts on what it feels like to have a valentine on Valentine’s Day.