Stories of Love…and The Not So Loved


David Saurez, Reporter

Valentine’s Day celebrates romance, friendship, and love among friends, partners, and family

When people hear the phrase “Valentine’s Day,” the first thing that comes to mind is love. It is typically viewed as a day where couples share a special day to appreciate the affectionate relationship they have with each other. Others view it as a day to appreciate the friendship that they have with each other. Some people don’t even celebrate this holiday. We’ll look at how people celebrate this day. 

Since Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year, many people see it as an opportunity to “pop the question” and they spend money on candy, gifts, stuffed toys, and food to satisfy their partner. More than 140 million cards are sent every year within America and it is also the holiday where people spend the most money on jewelry according to “Good Housekeeping”. 

“Valentine’s Day allows people to express their love even more and it is such a beautiful holiday. I like flowers because it is the purest detailed gift that anyone could give. It’s the most beautiful thing that nature offers. If I don’t get anything it’s not the end of the world :D” PASE student Alejandra Hernandez said.

There are some haters out there for Valentine’s Day

There are also those types of people who don’t even like Valentine’s Day because they think it’s not as important. The reasons for these are unknown but they most likely have no one to spend it with. They view it as any normal day and don’t find any meaning to it because it’s just a day where you spend a lot of unnecessary money.

“One day is enough, yes it is about romance but does romance even exist anymore?  I prefer Christmas to be spent more days 😮‍💨🤞🏽 I need more gifts and a long winter break 😐” PASE student Yami Suarez said.

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with FRIENDS

Valentine’s Day is not only about the romantic relationships around the world but it is also about how friends are appreciative of each other and the close connections with other people. People show their gratitude to other people with gifts as well but not the kind you would give your significant other.

“It’s been a while since I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with a specific someone so I now celebrate it with my friends. It is such a great way to spend time together and be thankful for each other. I don’t have to worry about the perfect outfit or spending an excessive amount of money” PASE student Bhoomi Patel said. 

I suppose I could fit in with the hater group since this day doesn’t have a lot of importance to me. Thinking of unique gifts and stressing over what the other person will think of your gift is just not something for me. If I ever had someone to celebrate with, then yes it would be nice although I don’t look much into celebrating it. But it can be an excuse to hang out with friends.