Maika’s Gourmet Travel Adventures


Maika Las Vegas Pool

Maika Bonafe

If you have ever spoken to me, Mrs. Bonafe, you would know that I am an extrovert and I LOVES to travel with my husband and 12-year-old son. What people may not know is that my ultimate dream was always to become a CHEF!!! Although I never pursued it professionally, I make it a point to travel in and out of the country by BACKPACK to sample some beloved local restaurants and some hard-to-get restaurant reservations as well!!!

I have already visited 24 states in the US and have traveled all around the Caribbean; but my favorite two places that get my “foodie” juices flowing are Las Vegas, Nevada, and Mexico! While in Vegas I make it a point to research the latest, trendiest, and most sought-after reservations. Many times, my trips are scheduled around the openings of restaurants. If you ever watched the show Hell’s Kitchen, I purposefully made a reservation to try Gordon Ramsey’s infamous Beef Wellington! The best way to describe this meal was “HEAVENLY!” This dish melts in your mouth! It contains puff pastry with a succulent beef tenderloin “aka filet mignon” and mushroom duxelles which is just a fancy name for finely chopped mushrooms cooked in a rich sauce! On my next travel to Vegas, I had already secured a reservation for one of the first steak houses in the country named Golden Steer. Here you can sit at a celebrity booth such as Elvis Presley’s table. While in Mexico, I made sure to visit all local spots! I live by the premise that if you want good food go to where the locals eat – those hard-working mom-and-pop shops in the city, where the tourists wouldn’t necessarily think about going. However, on my last trip to Playa Del Carmen Mexico; although trying many local spots, I also visited some trendy restaurants on “Calle 5” which is known for having some amazing food and nightlife as well. Food to me is experience; a way to tell a story of a memory! Learning how to cook something from a region in the world and researching the ingredients is one of the best ways to dive into the culture. Have any recommendations? I am all ears…! 😊