Key Club Sends Thank You’s in Blue


Seidy Castillo, Contributor

One of the oldest institutions in the country, police departments, enforce laws, maintain order, and promote community.  In our district, the Passaic Police Department has earned the trust of the public while assisting citizens in our district every single day to stay safe. Similarly, the oldest student-led organization in the country, the Key Club, also seeks out leadership opportunities and community service projects while developing partnerships in the community.  Recently, the Key Club had the opportunity to say thank you to our very own men in blue with a box of delicious homemade cookies with blue hearts baked right into the butter cookies.

Being one of the oldest student organizations, the Key Club has had the pleasure of gifting the Passaic Police Department for their role in keeping the citizens of Passaic and New Jersey safe. These cookies, packaged with individual wrapping, were donated to the Key Club and came with different wonderful colors and flavors for the police officers to enjoy. It’s important to remember the people that are an essential part of our community, work hard every day, and dedicate themselves and their whole lives to protecting the innocent. The owner of Taste Buzz, creator of the cookies, is the daughter of an ex-police detective who recently opened a business in Passaic County.

The Key Club at PASE has made it their mission to recognize these essential workers and wanted to give back and gift them something small, as a token of our immense appreciation. The Key Club thanks the Passaic Police Department for all of their hard work and dedication and we will continue to thank them for their services in words and in cookies!