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Andrea Alcala

May 2, 2022



“Why are we moving? Did I do something wrong? Are we coming back? I don’t want to go!”

I was told by another that I was moving to the U.S.

I couldn’t believe my parents would make such a big decision. I was not expecting to go to a new country with literally nothing.  I was already settling in Colombia. Family members, friends, and my loved ones were the first thing that came to mind. I was not ready to go to America and start a new life there. Especially going to a different community where different traditions and languages are practiced.

My Mom had said “Your father and I had made this decision because we want the best for your future. Not only yours but your siblings and ours.”

My mom had no idea what I was feeling at the moment. I didn’t know what she meant by having a better future when I saw a future in Colombia. I  was born and raised with much love for my Colombian community. Arriving in the United States was very unlike Colombia. The food tasted different, I had no idea what people were saying and the vibe of the environment was off. I didn’t want to go to school, I was very self concerned about not knowing the language. I struggled to understand the materials in school. Communicating with my teacher was probably one of the hardest things I went through. I felt like giving up and going back to my country. I never felt like I’d fit in with other people and I over-thought every little thing. My grades weren’t the best and I lacked motivation. I had no idea what I was doing, felt lost and depressed.

My mom would always sit me down and say “Everything will be okay. I will never do something to you that you won’t get over.”

My mom was one of my biggest supporters. She’d always be there for me. Throughout my first year of high school I met one of my best friends and surprisingly we were on the same boat. She’d also come from Colombia a couple months before I did and she was also struggling to speak the language. We both were in each other’s comfort zones. We stuck together throughout high school and now we are seniors taking a regular English classes. I feel great about myself and adapting to a new community with different aspects. I would love to go to Colombia but only to visit. I now thank my mom so much for giving me this opportunity to study in the U.S. It was not part of my plans but going through something difficult always has a good outcome.

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