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Vidhi Rana, graduating senior

From Vidhi Rana


Congratulations you made it to your final year of high school. One more exciting year before you step into adulthood and college life. No more waking up early, attending 9 classes a day, eating school lunch, and wearing a uniform. Senior year will be the best year of your high school life, but it’s also really stressful due to applying for colleges and scholarships and keeping up with your grades. Then, the laziness starts to kick in.

Senior year will also help you know more about your passions. When deciding on a career path, you have to think deeply about your likes and nonnegotiables. Some advice I will give you is to focus on the school year and keep up with your grades in the first three marking periods. The last marking period has a lot of senior events so it can be challenging to keep up academically.

Additionally, it is also important to take a break to focus on your health. This will help you not get senioritis. Also, participate in all the senior events like prom, senior trip, senior skip day, and other activities. This will be the last time you will be able to spend time with the people you have spent your whole high school life with.

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