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Jose Sanchez, graduating senior

From Jose Sanchez


To Incoming Seniors,

Welcome to your senior year of high school! I want to congratulate you on reaching the final year of your secondary education. This year may be challenging; however, there are going to be many memories to look back on. Please remember to not forget who you are and don’t forget where you came from. Don’t compare yourself to others and remember that your path is your own. With that being said, here are some things to keep in mind for your senior year.

One important aspect of your senior year is your involvement in your academics. Your workload may increase depending on what courses you are taking. Personal Finance and Financial Algebra would be the courses I would recommend because they cover the necessities of surviving adulthood; however, the workload isn’t as bad as you think if you could manage your time wisely.

Coming to class prepared is a great way to showcase that you are ready to learn. Furthermore, having your assignments on time would also help you feel less stressed and feel more confident in your academics. But keep in mind that whenever you feel lost or feel a bit lazy, don’t be because this would pile up sooner than you think. Believe me, I have been there before. Nevertheless, don’t take your teacher’s kindness for granted because teachers work hard to make sure you do well.

Here is the one thing I wished I had done before I got into my senior year:

Join college camp
The teachers in that program will help and guide you with information about colleges. They will also help assist you with your FAFSA and with questions that may be confusing for certain things that apply to you. They can give you advice on what scholarships to apply for and they give you suggestions based on the information you provide on your plans for college after high school. They even motivate you to keep up with grades because they care.

It is your final year. Once you get to quarters 3 and 4, you’re at the point where you want to do the bare minimum to pass your classes, but don’t. It could affect your GPA and maybe colleges would take away your scholarship for not keeping up with your grades, so please work hard and don’t slack off.

One last thing: enjoy your senior year of high school! And I know that I went on about college camp, but do keep in that this is what I wished I had done before I got into my senior year. Don’t make the same mistakes as I did. You got this! Live your senior year to the fullest!

Sincerely, JES

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