Coffee Industry


Kendrick Moran, Staff Writer

How Will Your Business Adapt?

For most people, coffee is the fuel that gets them going in the morning, it sure is for me. Whether it be a cup brewed up at home or an iced latte, the average coffee drinker has three cups per day. In the United States alone, there are $150 million daily drinkers. The $100 Billion dollar coffee industry itself is experiencing growing pains. There are many opportunities to start off your own business, but in this modern world, there are also threats. Young people in China are drinking more coffee, while Americans are drinking more expensive coffee, opening huge opportunities on both fronts.

So What?

Coffee production companies will have to supply accordingly. More countries that are usually top coffee suppliers are becoming avid coffee drinkers, which means fewer beans available for export to the U.S.

Here are the top 5 coffee exporters during 2019

  • Brazil $4,553,569,000 (+4.2%)

  • Colombia $2,617,900,000  (+12.1%)

  • Switzerland $2,508,925,000  (+6.7%)

  • Vietnam $2,414,379,000  (-16.5%)

  • Germany $2,372,290,000  (-6.6%)

The United States is 12th on that list, which means we’ve got to step up our coffee production game if we want to keep enjoying those fresh cups of Starbucks or any brand you like to drink.

So, what does all this coffee news mean for the restaurant industry? Well, the demand for coffee is present and will most likely trend upwards. But, brick and mortar locations are at a low when it comes to the growth rate. Why? Because there are plenty more options today than just grabbing a hot cup of coffee at the local diner or café. Big and much more known coffee shops such as Starbucks and Dunkin dominate when it comes to locations and popularity. Because of this, it could be tough for smaller businesses to start and strive through the time of opening.