Wireless Control Charger

Wireless Control Charger

Andrew Lopez, Staff Writer

What consoles are they available for?

We all know there are probably only two main consoles that everyone plays which are PlayStation and Xbox. So this product would be available for both consoles since there’s a bigger community in both gaming companies. This would have many different things such as being able to charge the controller in a faster time limit. Perhaps later on while time goes by it would be available for other consoles such as the Nintendo switch.

Gaming Issues!

-We have seen that when people play, they sometimes forget to charge their controllers so they have to wait in order for them to be able to get back to playing, but now with this product, they won’t have that issue anymore

-Others may have issues in the position that they have to play in while charging the controllers and playing at the same time

-There’s also been issues where people play in a living room and certain areas in the house where people pass by a lot and so there’s been times when people trip over the cables, so the cables can cause lots of disruption in the house

-There is also a problem with the cables not being able to reach the area you are sitting in to play, what I mean is for example when I play I sit on the top of my bunk bed since the television in the room is stationed on the wall, and the best way for me to play comfortably is when I have to sit on top to be able to look at the television directly. The only issues are that when I play, I always play for at least two or three hours with no breaks and my controller starts to lose battery, and once it does I have to get off the bed and charge the controller since the charger doesn’t reach all the way to the top of my bunk bed. So I am nowhere near the cables, and I would have to stay standing and looking up at my TV since it’s on top of the wall.

Often times, control chargers get damaged or stop working over time. You won’t be able to play and charge your controller because there’s no other way to charge it. But the wireless chargers won’t have any issues with cables being broken or exposed, and what I mean by exposed is cables being left on the floor or left hanging, cables being left where anyone or anything can possibly damage it. The wireless charger would have its own little compartment for the cable to be taken in or out of, so people don’t have to use their own cables because it would come with its own that will always be attached to it and not be able to be removed.


Overall, I believe that this product can resolve most of the common gaming issues that people have. Certain people may have their own opinions on this product saying that it may not work, or it’s not worth getting since some may have a different setup than others do. For the people that don’t have a good gaming setup, this can be a beneficial product to purchase.