Yazmin Martinez

As the event of homecoming is awaited by majority of the seniors, this year this event was not open for anyone. As the school district decided to keep the tradition of having the event, safety procedures had to be made in ordered for parents, staff and students to attend. Before entering, everyone was required to show their ticket and had their temperature taken by security. If your temperature was high, you were not permitted in and had to wake a few minutes before it was taken again. There were a lot of security in this event, everyone was required to wear a face covering. The Senior class advisor Mrs. Noguera was out there, supporting the finalist of homecoming king and queen. This night was cold and seats were wet from rain, but still the candidates got it out of their way and got ready and went out with there suits and gowns. Before the game started, we had the chance to talk to the some finalist and this is what they had to say .

Stephanie Capinterio, a student from the Passaic Preparatory Academy, who was encourage by her friend to be part of the event. That night her parents, friends and teacher were supporting her that night. As she felt grateful for the opportunity to have this event  in person and not through a camera. If she would win, she would delicate her win for her mom.   If she had a chance to say something  to the people support her, she would say “period”.

Freddy Huitzil, a student from Passaic High School, who was running for homecoming   king to represent his colorguard members whom was also encouraged by his friends. If he won, he would have delicate his win to all the people that supported him. He felt confident about his safety since everyone was wearing a face covering and was following the safety procedures. His message to all the people that supported him, was “Thank you for supporting and everything that you guys have done for me.”