NHS Senior Citizen Holiday Outreach Event


Anadalay Martinez, Op/Ed Editor

How are NHS members giving back to their community during the holidays? Especially since this year has been the most fearful for senior citizens

This year, the National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society at the Passaic Academy for Science and Engineering decided to come together to spread some holiday cheer a little differently. This holiday season, NHS and NJHS members decided to give back to their community by creating festive gift bags for the seniors. With the help of all the members, a festive activity booklet was created for senior citizens at the center to complete as a form of entertainment and to pass the time cheerfully. Each member was assigned a task to complete, which diverted from Christmas themed coloring pages to Holiday carols. The members also had the wonderful chance of writing lighthearted messages to their seniors since they couldn’t physically go spend their time at the senior center this year. Each student was given the chance to make 4 general holiday cards to be included in the gift bag apart from the activity booklet. The goal of the festive gift bags was to bring the senior citizens some joy, especially during this year. The gift bags that were made with care and kindness shows senior citizens that there are people in their community that care about them. Even though NHS and NJHS members couldn’t spend time with senior citizens at the center this year, they hoped the gift bags would put a smile on their face because the members surely had a merry time creating the gift bag for them.