As Passaic Academy for Science and Engineering started virtual learning, the club HOSA had begun there year off by creating a new e board. So far HOSA has taken the initiative in being organized, responsible, and a solid club at our school. I had a meeting with the club advisor, Mrs. Lugo, and here is more information about HOSA:


Flavio Lopez, Editor

What’s HOSA’S top priority?

The goal and mission of the club are to introduce and inform  students about the healthcare and science community. In the club, there are programs that provide services and distribute information needed for people to make adequate choices that help maintain their bodies and minds working at an optimal state. For instance, every year we host the NYC Blood Bank to conduct Blood Drives allowing all students philanthropic engagement. Additionally, we bring members of the healthcare field to teach about the process of medicine development (cancer drug development from soil fungus) and clinical practices, such as phlebotomy. For our members specifically, we prioritize providing them with a safe space to explore career options through field trips and engaging in State HOSA competitions where they learn about their current skills and learn new leadership skills.

Are you planning to create a partnership with another school club?

Science HOSA  partners with other clubs because they understand that our school is an interconnected family not a single isolated island of people with the same interests. They have collaborated with other clubs to design a Thanksgiving appreciation event, as well as the bilingual club to have English Learning students practice their active listening skills in English with our informational workshops (guest speakers). This year they would like to partner with the Spanish Honor Society, Bilingual Club, and Lead for Diversity to plan a Christmas care package collection and give away. They are very excited about the opportunity to not only help our community thrive but to engage in meaningful social connections.

What activities do you have planned for this school year, do you have in mind doing community service?

They are planning their  Annual HOSA week. This will be an exciting week of fundraising, career readiness workshops, mental health support, and community service.  That will be focused on helping our students and community survive through the rising anxieties and needs caused by the increasing number of cases of COVID 19. More details to come in the following week so look out for the announcement in your period 1 Morning Meeting.

Why should students be in this club?

High school is a very difficult time period where you are expected to have all the answers about what your future plans are. They provide a space where you get to work through all these challenging questions about your future by engaging in really fun field trips and receiving advice from people who are now in the shoes that you one day would like to fill. HOSA opens up the doors to opportunities that you will remember for the rest of your life and gives you a support system we sometimes lack.

What kind of students should be attending this club? (based on what they want to be in the future)

Students in the Biomedical Pathway are specifically targeted for the club but they welcome any 9-12 students at PASE.

What makes your club different from others?

The competitions that earn you potential scholarships and the possibility to travel across different states in the US to meet other students who share your interests. They also focus on leadership development and students have access to high technology biomedical equipment that Medical School students are now using for their training.

Which days does the club work?

Every Wednesday 3:40-4:20 pm

How do you keep your club organized?

They use the Google Classroom which is managed by the Board Members and advisors.

Does your club offer any kind of scholarships to students?

Yes, these are described in the TALLO website endorsed by the NJ HOSA organization.