HOSA Week Story


Ayesha Flores, Staff Writer

Our medical club HOSA held a HOSA week starting from Nov 30 to Dec 4. The meeting started after school at 3:40. On Monday a guest speaker was present, talking about the first aid kit. On Tuesday students wrote letters to thank health care workers at the academy, St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s. On Wednesday, Dr. Voss, a Regional Medical Scientific Director in Global Medical Affairs and Merck Research Laboratories, gave a presentation on vaccine development and discussed common misconceptions. On Thursday a panel of people from different careers in the STEM field talked about their careers. The panel included first-year medical students from Hackensack Meridian Health, a nurse manager, a biomedical engineer, and a pediatric dental resident. Lastly, on Friday, a mental health day was hosted. Students were led through meditation and relaxing techniques. HOSA week allowed students to learn about the medical field, show appreciation, and learn techniques to improve their own mental health. While interviewing HOSA secretary, Divya Rana she stated “It was a good week, with several people showing up and nice engagement from the members. We had a variety of activities and presentations.” HOSA week was successful and we can’t wait for more events like this to be held.