2020 Holiday Nails!

2020 Holiday Nails!

Yuleisy Mata, Staff Writer

The holidays are here! Christmas tree? Check. Gingerbread cookies? Check. But what about your nails?!?! Don’t worry ladies, and some of my gents, I am here to add some spice in your manicure this holiday season. Here are three of the hottest nail trends that you should consider trying this season.

Add Some Sparkle In Your Life

A hint of glitter is all you need! It catches the light and adds a little something extra to your overall look. Keep it simple and neutral like the photo above or go Buckingham Palace on everyone! Your choice but just remember to let those fingers shine bright like a diamond.

Let’s Go Insane for the Candy Canes

One of Ms. Felder’s favorite nail polish brands, Olive & June, dubbed this look the Candy Cane Ombre and I couldn’t agree more. Gift wrappings and candy canes all at your finger tips.








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Keep It Red Hot Even If It’s Cold Outside


Some things just never go out of style. Chanel °5, red lipstick, red heels and yes you guess it, red nails. Red nails are staple and the holidays can only begin once the red polish comes out. To spice it up a bit, go for a shimmery red or a duo chrome. Everyone will be obsessed!