AirPods Max: Preorders for Apple’s $549 over-ear headphones start, with Dec. 15 launch

The long-rumored product offers similar capabilities as Airpods for a hefty price.

AirPods Max: Preorders for Apple’s $549 over-ear headphones start, with Dec. 15 launch

Kendrick Moran, Staff Writer

One December 15, Apple will release one of the most expensive headphones in recent history. The long-rumored product offers similar capabilities as Airpods but for a hefty price.

With the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max being released a little over a month ago, Apple has decided to release a new product for consumers. The AirPods Max will be available for preorder now and will ship on Dec. 15. Moreover, with Christmas right around the corner, this can sure be a product to give someone that might want that touch of luxury over their heads.

The over-ear headphones have similar features to its $249 in-ear AirPods Pro cousin but in an over-ear design. It offers many of the same features including, simple setup connections, active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and spatial simulated surround-sound audio. It comes in five colors: silver, green, pink, space gray, and sky blue. Apple has also created some new features for the AirPods Max, including a digital crown at the top of the right ear cup to control volume, phone calls, play, pause and skip. The digital crown can also activate the Siri voice assistant.

The AirPods Max also includes a 40-mm Apple-designed Dynamic Driver, High-Fidelity Audio, Adaptive EQ, H1 chips, and up to 20 hours of battery life. With a powerful Apple-designed H1 chip in each cup, the custom acoustic design, and advanced software, Aipods Max uses computational audio to create a breakthrough listening experience. By tapping into each ship’s 10 audio cores, computational audio helps block outside noise, adapts audio to fit and seal your ear cushions, and makes movie scenes sound like they’re happening all around you.

Here is more information on the specific features: Active Noise Cancellation: Counters external sound with equal anti-noise, allowing you to immerse yourself in what you’re listening to. Transparency Mode: Press the noise control button to switch to transparency mode, which lets outside sound in so you can naturally interact with your surroundings. Adaptive EQ: Tailors sound to the bespoke fit and seal created by the ear cushions. Inward-facing microphones measure what you-re hearing, then adjust the frequencies of your music to deliver a rich, consistent listening experience that faithfully reproduces every note. Spacial audio with dynamic head tracking: Delivers a theater-like experience for movies and shows, with a sound that surrounds you.

Using built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers, Airpods Max, and your iPhone or iPad track the subtle motion of your head, anchoring sounds to your device. With immersive listening, you can cancel unwanted external sound. AirPods Max uses a total of six outward-facing microphones to detect noise in your environment, and two inwards-facing microphones to measure what you’re hearing. Beamforming microphones also help isolate your voice on phone calls, so it’s heard clearly even in windy situations. The Apple-designed dynamic driver produces a wide frequency range that uncovers the rich details of every sound, delivering your favorite songs with previously unheard texture and accuracy. The driver’s dual-neodymium ring magnet motor minimizes total harmonic distortion across the entire audible range. The result is consistently clear playback, even at full volume.  

If you have $549 +taxes to spare, I say go for it and make sure you get me a pair too.