If You Ain’t Crocin’ You Ain’t Rockin’



Ayesha Flores, Staff Writer

I just finished placing another order of crocs before writing this blog. Crocs made a big comeback this year. I see croc posts and ads all over my Instagram feed. Celebrities are collaborating with crocs. Everyone is wearing crocs. Once I made my first purchase I couldn’t stop. Once I started wearing crocs I ignored all my other shoes and to this day I prefer my crocs over any other shoes in my closet. Crocs are a comfortable shoe that allow you to experience comfort both at home and when out and about. Although I stay to the classic clog and classic lines clog, crocs offer a variety of styles and colors. Crocs also aren’t expensive with a pair running for 30-60 dollars depending on the style and you can personalize your crocs with jibbitz charms.

The main reason as to why I love wearing crocs is that they are very comfortable. Instead of using slides to walk around the house I use my crocs which I believe provide more comfort than regular slides. I prefer to use crocs when I know I am going to be doing something that requires me to walk or stand a lot because they provide more comfort than any other shoe I own. Even my mother who constantly complains about her feet hurting, wears crocs for their comfort and she herself purchases a variety of crocs because of the comfort they provide which allows her to perform everyday tasks without pain in her feet. Crocs being comfortable is also one of the reasons why I will never stop wearing them.
Crocs come in a variety of different styles and colors. I myself tend to stick to the classic clog and the classic lined clog but they offer so many other styles that they cater to customers’ different needs and styles. The variety of different colors is another reason as to why I keep buying crocs. All the colors they offer makes me want to collect them all and I plan on accomplishing them. All the color options allow customers to purchase a pair that goes great with any outfit. The different styles and colors allows the brand to target their product to different age groups.

Anyone can buy a pair of crocs with their prices ranging from 30 to 60 dollars a pair depending on sizing and style. Other shoes sell for an equal or greater price than crocs. The affordable price makes customers want to purchase more for themselves and for others. The prices of crocs make for a great affordable gift. Not only are crocs affordable and vary in color and style but you can also personalize your crocs with jibbitz charms. These little charms can be put on your crocs. There is an endless amount of jibbitz you can choose from and put on your crocs to make them your very own. You can find deals on bundles of jibbitz on sites other than the croc website. I believe crocs are convenient. Their variety in style and color allow anyone to purchase a pair and to make it even more special you can personalize them to your liking. I would recommend everyone to purchase a pair of crocs if possible.