Desperate Gamers form Long Lines for PS5


Stephanie Martinez, Staff Writer

 A swarm of gamers, desperate to snatch up the new PlayStation 5, poured into malls and shopping centers nationwide on Black Friday in hopes of snagging the elusive console.

Shoppers lined up outside of stores overnight and many brought their camping gear with them with the goal of being near the front of the line before the limited inventory in each designated store sold out. Since preorders went live in September, the PS5 has been very difficult to obtain.

Unfortunately, for most buyers, the wait was futile. With limited amounts being distributed by different locations such as Walmart, Game Stop, Best Buy, and Target, many eager buyers unfortunately missed their chance. According to the New York Post, the official PlayStation Twitter account on Wednesday said the PS5 launch was its “biggest console launch ever,” calling demand “unprecedented” and promising more inventory by the end of the year.

At the time of this article, official sale numbers for the PS5 have yet to be released, as the console has not consistently been in stock since its pre-order period in September, leading to some eager buyers to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on eBay or through third-party sellers in order to get a chance of owning this next-gen device.